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re:fuel excels in delivering actionable research and analysis so that brands and agencies can make informed marketing decisions. We are pleased to offer these re:fuel resources – illustrating the continued importance and effectiveness of newspapers – free of charge to users of

refuel Multicultural Newspaper Snapshot

July 3, 2013

Hispanic, African-American and Asian consumers – a third of the U.S. population – are served by more than 1,200 ethnic community newspapers. Download this snapshot of refuel’s multicultural newspaper capabilities for more information.

refuel Community Newspaper Snapshot

July 3, 2013

Seventy-four percent of consumers served by a local community newspaper read it each week. Download refuel’s snapshot of community newspapers to learn how to put “hyperlocal” media to work for you.

refuel Military Newspaper Snapshot

July 3, 2013

Military newspapers provide tremendous reach to active duty personnel, veterans and spouses at hundreds of domestic and overseas installations. Download this snapshot of refuel’s military capabilities to learn more.

refuel College Newspaper Snapshot

July 3, 2013

College newspapers are an important part of the campus media mix. Download this snapshot of refuel’s college newspaper capabilities.

College Newspaper Readership

July 3, 2013

By providing editorial content and local information that resonates with students, college newspapers continue to draw an eager and influential audience of young consumers. Click here to download this FREE report detailing college newspaper readership trends.

Military Newspaper Readership

June 24, 2013

An examination of media usage among the military audience proves that military publications, and civilian newspapers near base, are a highly effective and important means for reaching military consumers and driving response. Download this FREE report today!