Do Young Adults Read Newspapers? You Might Be Surprised.

July 25th, 2013

Millennials Still Want their Newspapers

Contrary to a widespread opinion that the younger generation is out of touch with print newspapers, recent studies reveal they are regular consumers – the majority of whom find the source trustworthy and act upon its advertising.

Data from Scarborough Research asserts that 57 percent of young adults ages 18-34 read newspapers, in print or online, at least weekly.

Nielsen found that 60 percent of Millennial print readers and 60 percent who read newspaper content online rated the information as trustworthy. Only 43 percent rated social media as trustworthy.

Advertising in print media also has an influence on this age group as 68 percent of those ages 18-24, and 75 percent of those ages 25-34 acted on newspaper advertising in the past month. Additionally, print circulars/inserts were checked by 86 percent of Millennials who regularly read their Sunday newspapers.

For more information, see Millennials Still Want Their Newspapers.

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