Newspapers, Traditional Media Perform Well Among Luxury Buyers

September 4th, 2013

Newspapers Perform Well Luxury Buyers 090413

According to information from theĀ Shullman Research Center, newspapers and other traditional media perform well in reaching luxury buyers, especially ultra-high net worth luxury buyers.

According to Shullman’s ongoing affluence study, 42 percent of those who plan to make luxury purchases in the next 12 months have seen newspaper advertising in the last 30 days. Fifty-nine percent of luxury purchasers with HHI of $500,000+ have seen newspaper ads.

Of those who’ve seen newspaper ads, 79 percent of luxury purchasers have expressed interest in the advertising.

Last, but certainly not least, Shullman’s data shows that newspapers rank #1 in potential engagement among ultra-high net worth $500,000+ HHI, luxury-buying households.

See more on these findings here.


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