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Do Young Adults Read Newspapers? You Might Be Surprised.

Contrary to a widespread opinion that the younger generation is out of touch with print newspapers, recent studies reveal they are regular consumers – the majority of whom find the source trustworthy and act upon its advertising. Data from Scarborough … Continue reading

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New Infographic Reinforces the Power of Newspapers

A new infographic released by the Newspaper Association of America illustrates how newspapers continue to reach an immense, highly engaged audience, even in the digital age. Seventy percent of U.S. adults (158 million) read newspaper content across platforms, including 59 … Continue reading

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New NAA Study Reaffirms Importance of Newspapers in Purchase Decision Process

The Newspaper Association of America’s latest “How America Shops and Spends” study demonstrates the ongoing importance of newspaper media in the purchase decision process. In fact, print newspapers ranked highest among the 19 advertising sources used by survey respondents to … Continue reading

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