Two More Hispanic Newspapers Pump Up Reach

October 24th, 2013

Enlace Excelsior 102413

Portada has reported that two more Hispanic publications have grown their circulations in recent weeks. In May, Portada had highlighted four other growing Hispanic newspapers.

Each of the latest growth spurts were driving by specific business iniatives that smartly grew reach as well as potential revenue.

The San Diego Union Tribune’s, weekly Spanish-language newspaper, Enlace, increased its circulation 65,214 copies from 112,982 to 176,496 primarily by adding a Southwest Riverside edition.

Excelsior, the Spanish-language weekly published by the Orange County Register (Freedom Communications) has expanded its reach by adding home-delivered circulation. Excelsior now has 26,000 copies being delivered to high income homes that specifically opted in to receive the paper. Total circulation is now 63,000 copies per week.

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